Piri Chilly (Kandari)


  • Benefits
    • Speeds Up Your Metabolism.
    • Helps Improve Eye Health.
    • Helps Improve mental health.
    • Boost immunity.
    • It can help lose weight.
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Peri Peri Birds Eye Chilly are an inevitable part of cuisines in most of the cultures. Bird’s eye chilli (Thai chilli) or kantharimulak (Malayalam) is a cultivar from the species Capsicum annum. The bird’s eye chilli plant is a perennial bearing tiny, conical fruits which are either green or red. Since it is a traditional spice in Kerala cuisine, the plant is very common in the kitchen yards of many homes in Kerala. Homestead bird eye chillies from reliable sources are collected, cleaned, sun-dried, ground and packed with exceptional care so that they can set your taste buds ablaze with their fiery flavo


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