Red chilly


Dry red chili is a condiment that adds pungency and color to the food. It has some medicinal and homeopathic properties. We offer a uniform shape and size of red chillies. It is mostly used to temper dishes. The chillies have a sharp taste.

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Dried Red Chilli is the dried fruit of a plant belonging to the Solanaceae (nightshade) family and is native to Central and South America. The Capsicum frutescens family includes the popular tobacco pepper. It is smooth, elongated and slightly curved in shape and deep burgundy to dark reddish brown in color. Dried Red Chillies are pungent, hot, spicy and smoky and lends a medium heat and vibrant flavour to a dish.

Dried Red Chilli is used in casseroles, chutneys, curries, enchiladas, marinades, pickles, vegetable dishes, stir-fry and soups/ stews and sauces. It is widely used in Indian dishes, Tex-Mex recipes, Chinese cuisines and Thai foods. They can be tempered in hot oil, roasted on a dry griddle or cooked as wet spice blend in a slow cooking curry, stew or soup.


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