Nutmeg is the seed or ground spice of several species of the genus Myristica. Myristica fragrans is a dark-leaved evergreen tree cultivated for two spices derived from its fruit: nutmeg, from its seed, and mace, from the seed covering. It is also a commercial source of an essential oil and nutmeg butter.

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Health Benefits

Nutmeg is a rich source of antioxidants, which help protect against the signs of aging and serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and liver disease

Nutmeg also may provide other health benefits such as:

Dental Health

Nutmeg oil is used in several dental products. The spice has antibacterial properties that have proven particularly effective against oral pathogens that cause disease and bad breath.

Improved Mood

One study found that nutmeg acted as a potential antidepressant in male rats, and the spice has been used for its invigorating properties in folk medicine.

Better Sleep

A little nutmeg has been shown to aid sleep, both in duration and quality. However, higher quality, human studies are needed to validate this effect.


Nutmeg is rich in fiber, which helps keep the digestive system healthy and prevent blood sugar from spiking


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