Raw pistachio


Raw pistachios have a medium thick to thick protective, slightly meaty hull that ranges in texture from papery to a smooth, dense coating that is light yellow in color with a pink blush. The edible skin has a citrus aroma with an acidic taste. This skin surrounds a hard, inedible shell, which contains the raw pistachio seed; light green in coloring with a mild pistachio flavor. Unripe pistachios have more tannins than ripe pistachios producing a slightly bitter, yet mildly sweet taste.

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Pistachios are scientifically known as Pistacia vera, a member of the cashew family. The skin surrounding the shell of a raw pistachio is edible boasting a pleasant acidity that can be used to make relishes or sauces like Chimichurri. One of the most common uses for raw pistachios is to make milk, as the extraction method is easier with the raw seeds.


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